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Katerina Phoenix

embody the moment

Carlsbad, San Diego

Sometimes our Dharma requires that we upgrade ourselves and we find that we grow and evolve into that which we could not have dreamt possible, for we weren't aware how much there was to grasp for, already and always within our reach...



If you feel there is more to life, there probably is!!! Most of us have felt at one time or another that something is missing, and quite often what is missing is our sense of greater purpose and personal power and freedom. Find your true passion and get on the freeway to your intentions and desires.  1:1 coaching is one of the fastest and surest ways to reach your goals. 

I also offer 6 month group coaching packages aimed at radical transformation in a defined time period using the mirroring power between peers with similar goals and desires. These are powerful containers for lasting growth.  

In-Person Growth Work


There is so much to explore and be in this life, and often we miss out on it because traumas from our past prevent us from fully opening to the pure fullness of the NOW. In our sessions together, we move towards wholeness and integration of self while also redefining and reshaping the self into what YOU want it to be. It truly is possible to feel fully alive, embodied and free! Find safety in love, become your own master, gain tools to manage your life and learn to remain calm in the eye of the storm. Inquire about individual sessions and packages.  



You are encouraged to enter a deep state of relaxation where transformation and journeying may occur. This massage experience is an excellent way to relax, receive and feel/heal/reveal inside a sacred temple space.

Doubles With My Wife Ronna


Our signature offering is a 90 minute tantra massage experience that is very connected and achieves a flow state between all of us that has elements of a shared trance state and allows for a full expansion and rediscovery of self while enjoying a highly skilled and often therapeutic massage by two women whose love for each other spills into the session creating a warm bouquet of effervescent love bubbles.

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Upcoming & Recurring Events


Ronna often cofacilitates the following events with me. We offer many tantric-based events and are coming out with new ones all the time. Join our mailing list to receive news on all our upcoming events! Below are some of our most popular offerings:

Couples All Day Tantra Immersives: Recommended for couples as a partner is needed. We teach how to give a tantra massage, how to create a sacred container, creating a drop-in to heartspace and a flow sequence that aligns sacral, heart and crown chakras and can flow seamlessly into various states of connectedness.

Presence: the Art of Divine Love: For me, this work of art is about living as my true self, not submitting to the wills of  the ego but taking the higher road, and committing to this as the path to walk during this lifetime. Bringing this to another human in love is an exquisite act of Divine Love, wherein love is as unbound as freedom itself.

Queer & Trans Tantra: this workshop offers queer people a safe space to practice deep intimacy skills as well as insights into how we may embody the masculine and feminine polarities regardless of gender expression.


I discovered the work I do now when it was done for me by a tantrika during sacred ritual. My chakras aligned and I became activated by a large amount of energy. This awakening has transformed my life and it is now my honor to bring this work and its many blessings to those seeking enlightenment through tantric practices. 

Katerina Phoenix

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Carlsbad, CA

(760) 650-5805

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