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    Carlsbad, 2405 Sierra Morena Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA
    Are you looking to radically upgrade the quality of your life? Would you like a greater sense of freedom, power and inner peace and happiness? Do you find that you hold parts of yourself back and feel that life could be much better? Are you living out conditioning, or your own authentic expression?

About Katerina Phoenix

Katerina Phoenix founded Transition Into Love in order to help people find their true soul passions and lead truly empowered lives of autonomous choice based upon universal principles of equality, free will, fairness and honesty with others and divine collective wisdom. Katerina identifies as two-spirit. They enjoy spending time with their children, celebrating and fostering deep and meaningful friendships, and trail running and doing yoga. They are known for being terrible at remembering their own cat's name.

Transition Into Love,  a Wisdom School for the Modern Era, is open to applications from people interested in radically transforming their lives.

Our Philosophy:

—Wisdom can only be recognized or remembered. We cannot be taught wisdom, but when we hear it we know its truth as it speaks at the soul level.

—Spiritual awakenings are derived from truth (wisdom).

—This is a fasttrack program for those seeking spiritual awakening and radical transformation.

—We are divine beings living a human existence.

—Our soul came here for a specific reason, to fulfill a unique destiny that only the soul bearer can know.

—We teach people to recognize wisdom and tap into their own that they may be fully empowered and at choice in all things.

—Our natural state is one of happiness, fulfillment and a sense of power. We help people embody their divine nature and become that which they always have been yet do not yet remember.

—Once we become the divine version of self in which soul is the guiding force of our lives we find the stories which hold us back and keep us small no longer serve us and we heal ourselves from our traumas as quickly as possible, that we may live in a state of peace with abundance in all aspects of our lives.

This program is for you if you wish to be a leader. Only you can choose your birthright destiny. It is for those who sense the the change in the winds and feel their destiny lies at being part of the spearhead of the great changes to come.

Currently we are offering a 3 month intensive program (online option available) which will cap at six individuals. We will soon be offering 6 day in person retreats in various locations throughout the world.

If this resonates with you, please call (760)650-5805 for a complimentary discovery call or send a direct message for more information.


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