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Custom Sacred Tantra Offerings

These offerings are a result of client demand and may be mixed to create a custom session of your ch

  • 1 hour
  • Carlsbad

Service Description

Couples Intimacy Coaching and Guidance. In this session you and your partner are guided through tantric intimacy rituals and create deeper, lasting connection. You learn tools to successfully navigate life together and come back to love when facing relational challenges. Traumas, hurts and slights from the past are overcome and a new relationship can emerge which is more loving, connected, at a higher frequency and offers much greater sensuality and lovemaking capacity. You are encouraged to be as intimate in this sacred temple space as you feel comfortable. Trauma and Shadow Work Overcome addictions, traumas, ptsd, and obstacles which prevent you from living out your full potential. Learn tools for emotional release, stress reduction, personal empowerment and how to live with joy and peace in the present moment. Overcome triggers which recur in relationship and create separation with self and others. Learn to be magnetic and attract the relationships you crave in your life. Feel fully alive, empowered and at choice in all aspects of your life. Learn the Shamanic Art of Becoming, in which you realize the challenges and even traumas of the past came bearing gifts to create the unique, special and divine being that you are, and that these gifts are the tools you can use to create the life you deeply yearn for. Transgender Sacred Body Worship. Inside a sacred tantric temple space, experience the unique gift that is the transgender experience. Slow, deliberate and loving mutual touch gives way to softness and a realization that we all have aspects of the Divine feminine within us and you are able to tangibly touch and experience this Divine feminine. Touch which can spread disease is not allowed. This includes kissing, oral genital contact and intercourse. This deeply personal, intimate experience goes beyond the physical, into the heart of the gender and transgender experience. Become a Woman Experience. Many of my clients have a deep fascination for what it would feel like to be a woman. In this Shamanic embodiment experience, you can experience your own feminine spirit and see through the eyes of your inner woman. You can even have makeup applied and be dressed in feminine attire. If you have feminine attire please bring it. I offer a secure storage option so you don’t need to worry about where to keep your female items. If you desire photos can be taken to memorialize your transformation.

Contact Details

  • Carlsbad, CA, USA

    (760) 650-5805

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