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Sacred Touch Tantra Massage

Discover the gentle spaces between, where heart, soul and body converge.

  • 1 hour
  • Carlsbad

Service Description

In this deep tantra experience we begin sitting facing each other. We enter the divine through a guided meditation. You are encouraged to enter a deep state of relaxation where transformation and journeying may occur. Sacred Spot work is optional and offers transformation and intense pleasure. Many report this experience often feels psychedelic as your consciousness can drift beyond space and time as well as the limiting beliefs our conditioning and society place upon us. This experience is slow, deliberate, sensual in nature and offers connection to divine unconditional love, self acceptance and self love. A sense of who are as divinity embodied enters your being and your world view and view of self becomes enhanced beyond what we have been taught. This is more than a massage as it offers a gateway to our own magical immortal nature. 60 minutes $333 90 minutes $477

Contact Details

  • Carlsbad, CA, USA

    (760) 650-5805

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